Looking at Paris in this light is deceiving. By looking over the crowded city one would never imagine of the horrors laying in wait beneath the surface. A world of little monsters, crawling through the passageways of old souls, through the caverns of the dead.


          “We have to under there. Come with me if you want, but I cannot leave her there alone.” Michael said, eyes looking bleak.


          “What you’re saying is absolute nonsense, you are aware of that right? Who are we even looking for?”


          Michael ignored his question and turned his head away.


         “I know what it sounds like, but I’m going whether you come with me or not”


          The two took a deep breath together, latched their hands together and wandered down the cobblestone streets towards an unknown entrance of the catacombs. The entrance was dark, dismal, and smelled of the death that was consuming the inside.


          “This place is already giving me the creeps.” Josh exhaled and could see his breath in front of him.


          “You don’t understand. I need her with me, and she’s down here alone.”


          The two of them began walking, eyes locked onto the corpses lining the walls when a noise boomed out in the distance. This noise jolted them out of their revere and their eyes shot ahead of them,both squinting to try and see what could be coming towards them in the darkness.


          A little, white puff ball comes running towards their feet. This creature begins barking and wagging her tail in happiness. Molly was safe and Michael picked her up and hugged her with excitement.


          “Really?!” Josh exclaimed and he rolled his eyes.


          The three of them began their exit back to the crowded Paris streets. Josh looked at Michael and gave him a kiss on the forehead, relieved that they were now able to leave.


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