thanksgivingHey you! My name is Karen Harvey and I have always had a calling for writing. I decided to use this website as a portal to allow people to view and critique my work. I’m a student who is set to graduate in the Summer of ’18 with my bachelors degree in English, which is also the same summer I turn 30. It’s been such a long road to this degree that I honestly can’t believe the end is in site, and I no longer have to answer the question, “So, how’s school going?” Don’t get me wrong, I love the ever-long love and support from my family, but after a decade I’m ready to move on to the next set of questions. 
In my day to day life I work in medical billing at a private dermatologist office in Poway, CA. I love my job, and enjoy my coworkers but I wanted to slice out a piece of what I would love my dream life to be – an all the time writer and author.